Technology and Cultural Diffusion Essay

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Technology and Cultural Diffusion Essay
Afterward, write two solid paragraphs, with a minimum of six full sentences, that explains five ways in which life in your home, school and community reflects a variety of cultures.
Cultures are extremely influential. Today, with the great mix of cultures in our country we can experience different ways of living, observe other religious practices, and even try new foods that are different from the cultures in which we were raised. One example is how many of the buildings and houses in our area reflect different cultures. Some are of Spanish origin, and others European. Along with that, the families residing in the houses all are from different nationalities. There are many instances in our town where there are multi-cultural families; a specific example being, a family with an Italian father, and a Native American mother. When the cultures that their parents grew up with, rub off on their children, those students then share their views with other students, meshing the cultures.

Our school also reflects different cultures, by teaching about them. The language classes our school provides do not only teach the language, they also teach about the culture. In history classes, when students are taught about the Chinese dynasties, students are not just learning the dates, they also are leaning about what happened, why it happened, and how it affected the country today. In the cafeteria even we are exposed to different cultures. The foods prepared are from different societies all around the world. Tacos from Mexico, pasta from Italy, even pears from Africa, Asia and Europe. In addition, many cultures in our community are expressed through appearances such as clothing, and for girls especially, makeup. Most of the clothes that people purchase come from China, Japan, and India, and the girls and women in our community who wear makeup are embracing the Egyptian tradition, thus practicing their culture.

The United States are...
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