Technology and Crime

Topics: Police, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Technology has played a significant role in the fight against crime. Starting in 1840-1920 which was called the ‘Political Era’ had only a night stick, and a gun for policing. These items are still used in today’s policing efforts for when they are called on the use of force. No matter what technological progress the police have made, they still rely on basic tools available to protect innocent life and themselves (SEASKATE, INC., 1998). The Professional Model Era has brought policing to create what they deemed professional police departments, and to get rid of any political influence. Technology, helped emphasize discipline, equal enforcement of the law, and centralized decision making, which hallmarks the Professional Model of policing. The 1930s have adopted the automobile and the introduction of two-way radios, and the FBI having its own laboratory which became known as the most comprehensive and technologically advanced forensic laboratory in the world (SEASKATE, INC., 1998). In 1964 when Lyndon B. Johnson became president of the United Stated he had spent hundreds of millions of dollars into fostering police use of existing and new technologies. The federal government has never before taken on the job of providing a massive assistance to state and local criminal justice agencies. In the 1970s LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration) had sought to equip police agencies with computers, however up until the 1980s officers were reluctant to use the computers (SEASKATE, INC., 1998). Computers have come so far with how agencies gather information on how to catch a criminal, and it’s only getting far more advanced. Officers concerns are only about public safety, and for it to remain a priority even with today’s technology. Among the obstacles to progress in the development and adoption of new technologies are the consequences of fragmentation of local policing as well as liability concerns, particularly on the part of manufacturers (Cherkasov, 2009)....
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