Technology and Communication

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Technology and Communication
January 30, 2013
David Born

Technology and Communication
Technology plays a big role in society daily routines, it expands and it functions differently each day. Technology has helped enhanced communication between individuals and has evolved the communication capabilities in the criminal justice system. There are several ways that technology affects the communication capabilities of specialized databases in the criminal justice system. Many new and successful database devices are created and shown to the public every single year. Specialized databases are used to help law enforcement agencies identify potential suspects thru the use of mobile data terminals and live scan along with other specialized database devices. There are advantages and disadvantages when working with technology devices, what is created by man is not perfect, therefore technology is not always reliable, it also has its defects. It is important for law enforcement agencies to be well acquainted with the most advanced technology that has been develop for the purpose of identifying and proving personal information of individuals. Technology will continue to evolve and impact society in many possible ways. Regardless of the circumstances before technology enabled individuals to accomplish their daily goal in much easier manner, individuals will not rely on technology to get the work done, but now to complete a task many rely on technology devices. Positive Effects of New Technologies on Communication

Compare to previous years technology has improved in many aspects. Due to the new technology devices it is much easier now to communicate than it was before. Law enforcement agencies have improved their communications capabilities due to technology. It is much easier to have important data stored and safe in a computer device, if we look back at how everything was to be recorder by law enforcement agencies, all we find is stacks of paper because...
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