Technology Advancements Since the 1970's

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  • Published : April 23, 2006
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April 21, 2005
Hum 101 Final

1. Describe how recent advancements in technology (since 1975 or so) have changed the arts and arts education.

Since 1975 or so there has been many changes in technology that have affected arts education. Advancements in technology such as the internet, computers, and more art education programs have played a major effect. Before this era students could not really get the full picture of visual arts unless the instructor has the actual prints. The students did learn about colors, elements, and the ideas of art, but not students are not only learning about these things, but they can actually see these important elements. This came about primarily due to the internet. Students now can log on the internet and find pictures made by any artists. Also, since this era art has become very important in the concept of learning. I believe that people now realize that art education isn't just for fun, but it's a way that students can think beyond the books and explore the world through art. Computers have played a major role in this development of art. It's very important because students can learn the different eras of art such as the neoclassical era and romanticism. I know that when I think of art I just think of drawing and painting, but now I believe that art can relate to almost anything. Everything in life is art and with the advancements of technology students can see that this is true. Art history is very important because we can see how the advancements of art have changed over time. For example in music there used to be barely any instruments and composers would make art through voice and now since we have advance so much in technology music today is very complex, usually filled with many instruments and heavy sound. Art education and the arts itself have changed dramatically throughout the years due to the advancements in technology.

2. Describe (A) the stylistic trends and innovations and (B) the...
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