Topics: Caffeine, Coffee, Psychology Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: April 9, 2013
When the early sixteenth century entered the coffee to pharmacies and cafes in Europe, where stunned consumers ability to alert the brain, was considered coffee at the beginning of their entry as a powerful and dangerous, and was calls at that time to ban their use, and turned intact today as used coffee to millions around thethe world, although it is still classified as a drug, it can not be denied effects that are similar to the effects of the medication. Scientific research has shown that coffee with caffeine, which is classified as a stimulant, where suppresses chemicals in the brain rather than liberate, because of the similarity of chemical caffeine with a substance in the brain called adenosine secreted nerve endings to curb activity of brain cells, when eating a cup of coffee, the substance Caffeine takes site adenosine, which prevents adenosine from inhibiting activity of brain cells, which puts it in a state of activity and excitement, according to studies, the amount of caffeine in two cups of coffee enough to overcome the receptors adenosine in the brain for two hours, so it's to Avid in alert and activity of the body when increase intake coffee, studies have shown that low doses of caffeine can improve mental performance, as demonstrated by a study conducted by psychologist "Harris Lieberman" in the Research Institute of the U.S. Army, that doses of caffeine are even small doses, led to enhance the performance of human , where alerted their brains to the speed of thought and interaction faster and more focus and thereby improving performance. The optimal dose is 100-200 mg almost of caffeine, which is the amount found in a cup of coffee capacity five ounces, and preferably a cup of coffee in the morning, and a cup of late afternoon when the effectiveness of caffeine have vanished and diminished activity, has researchers noted that eating more caffeine does not promotes greater actual performance. While large doses of coffee (more than five cups a...
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