Topics: Medicine, Pharmacology, Health care Pages: 5 (1219 words) Published: March 13, 2013

A Research Project Proposal

Presented to the Faculty of Computer Studies Department
Cavite State University-Imus Campus
Imus, Cavite


In partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the
Degree Bachelor of Information Technology

March 2013

The internet is an unprecented gateway to a vast wealth of knowledge and information, and its uses are virtually unlimited. The World Wide Web, although still young, is deeply ingrained in our culture and everyday lives. It’s a source of news, facts and figures, a communication tool that allows millions of us to connect with each other every second of everyday. The usage of internet has rapidly changed, in just a blink of an eye; you can get the information of what we needed. But people don’t know what risks they may face when they trust all the information that could be found from the internet. It is very risky especially when it comes to our personal needs like health care. It is widely acceptable that self-medication has an important role to play in health care and with continued improvement in people’s education, general knowledge and socio-economic status, self-medication has been successfully integrated into many health care systems throughout the world. Self-medicate is a term used when a person performs his own medication and this term has a negative connotation. Partly reason for this is that the people choose to self-medicate for and their chosen medications are not fully advisable. For instance the most common form of self-medicating is to self-medicate for depression and this never leads down a healthy route. In other cases, people set out with exactly the right intentions and they read online and get advice and generally try to medicate in a way that will help them to overcome pain, illness and other problems. There are still dangers though and unless you are very careful, very disciplined, and know precisely what you’re doing then it still isn’t always a good idea. It’s hard to strike a balance between self-medications that is necessary and irresponsible use of medications and home remedies. Setting yourself strict deadlines can help address this problem to a great extent however. In other words, if you find that the ailment in foucs does not respond to treatment within a deadline, you should seek immediate medical attention. The length of the deadline would naturally vary, depending on the severity of the symptoms or the severity of the condition they could symptomatic of.

Statement of the Problem
This study will evaluate the risk of self-medication through internet. Specifically, it will seek the answers to the following questions: 1. There were a lot of information about different diseases and sickness. Although detailed and under prescription of a licensed medical executive, we are not sure if it is really effective and more advisable to follow. How do we configure a good a risk free online prescriptions to rely on? 2. Internet provides different users an information for them to seek answers from their respective questions. How does internet help people in seeking medical attention? 3. Different supported sites offers a membership fee to secure the user’s medical records and conditions with respective medical prescriptions. How to obtain a right and accurate medical prescription from the internet? Assumptions and Hypotheses

Self-medication is defined as the selection and use of medicines by individuals to treat self-recognized or self-diagnosed conditions and symptoms. Several benefits have been linked to appropriate self-medication, among them,: increased access to medication and relief for the patient, the active role of the patient in his or her own health care, better use of physicians and pharmacists skills and reduced burden of governments due to health expenditure linked to the treatment of minor health conditions, Proofs and...
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