Topics: Mobile phone, Instant messaging, Text messaging Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Everywhere I turn, I see someone on a cell phone, either talking or texting. Every car next to me in traffic has a GPS on the dashboard, including my own. It seems that everyone needs some help from technology on a daily basis. It both surrounds and intrigues us. Technology can be helpful, fun, and entertaining. Much of technology is created to assist with making projects faster or daily tasks more efficient. However, the collaboration of technologies in our lives has a few negative effects and I think we need to scale back a bit on our use of these much adored technologies. The over-use of technology is creating an impatient society and it is also diminishing once-valued personal interaction with others. More often now days, people would rather let a machine take a message instead of answering a call; missing the opportunity to have a personal conversation. Many of us would rather have the instant gratification of watching a movie instead of reading a book or sending a text or instant message instead of meeting with a friend for coffee and conversation. Therefore, society is becoming increasingly impatient and impersonal with interactions. Those types of behaviors create lonliness in our lives despite our “constant connection” with others through things like cell phones and Facebook®. This way of life is also more common with the younger generations within our society. For instance, my sister is eight years younger than me and we had a visit with each other about two months ago. I don’t get to see my sister often; she lives six hundred miles away. When I do get to see her, it is a short visit and I cherish the time we may get to spend together. I have not lived close to my sister in ten years. So, it is disheartening to me that when we are together, she seems to be more interested in her cell phone and her laptop than the conversation I may be trying to have with her. During this last visit, my sister was focusing so intently on her phone that she did not care...
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