Technology's Impact

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Technology today has had the biggest impact in our lives. With technology, we can be more efficient. Also, technology allows us to learn faster and easier. Finally, technology helps us communicate. Imagine life without technology. We wouldn’t be able to heat our food, search the web, and life would be harder. No technology makes us live like cavemen.

Think back to the 1800’s when the cotton gin was invented. That allowed less people to work to pick even more of cotton. Technology has made our lives much more efficient. Imagine if you didn’t have a microwave or a stove. You would be forced to sit by the fire to heat up your food. Without electricity which is also technology you would have to walk around the world with a candle which was only if you were wealthy. Life is easy, especially when you have technology.

You can not deny that there was never a time where you did not look for something on Google. Whenever you have a question, you walk up to the computer and search it up. The computer will give you the answer, before you can even finish typing. The internet is the first thing that pops up into your head when the word technology is mentioned. Think about it, a computer is the main branch in technology.

Do you have any members far away? Without technology you can not skype grandma or grandpa. You can not pick up the phone and call because without technology phones and computers would not exist. Imagine life without being able to text someone or call. For the person that lives ten minutes away, you can walk to talk, but what about those who live ten thousand miles away? To get there it would take around six months maybe more. Technology helps us communicate.

Society today has advanced to the fullest. We can communicate to those far away, learn answer in a heartbeat, and we can also be more efficient. Technology has had the greatest impact on today’s society. The positive change, has changed us all.
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