Technological Environment for Biotechnology Cluster in Lithuania

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  • Published : November 8, 2011
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Hi again,
Let’s get familiar with technological environment for biotechnology in lithuania >>>> RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS AND COMPANIES
To begin with, there is a number of research institutions that you can see on the left performing modern biotechnological investigations it’s institute of biotechnology, KTU, VGTU and many others On the left there are private lithuanian companies sicor, amilina, fermentas, biocentras that have developed the strong research centers >>>> STPs & STVs

In favour of technology, Lithuania has also got 10 Science ant Technology parks and 5 Science and technology valleys that help business enterprises, scientists and students to combine their knowledge, experience and ideas to develop innovations and initiate numerous projects >>>> Žemėlapis

Here you can see Science and technology valleys and parks of lithuania. Parks are marked red, valleys are green.
Most of them are in the largest cities – vilnius and kaunas, then there are some in other cities >>>> HUMAN RESOURCES
Another point worth mentioning is human resources.
although there is a strong long-lasting education experience and 16 institutions training scientist for the field of biotechnology, there is still a lack of qualified specialists generally because of the obvious reason – emmigration

Communication is one of the strenghts of biotechnology in lithuania. Although the country is small, there are a lot of centres, agencies and networks that can help companies and scientists find necessary contacts to cooperate with other enterprises inside the country and abroad. National Innovation Center coordinates these organisations altogether. >>>> R&D

Another point worth mentioning is Research and Development. In 2002 biotechnology was declared as one of the priorities of R&D in Lithuania. In order to encourage investment in the prospective...
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