“Technological Development Has a Positive Rather Than a Negative Impact on Society.” Discuss.

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  • Published : May 14, 2012
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“Technological Development has a positive rather than a negative impact on society.” Discuss.

Technological development refers to the process of research and development of technology. In discussing whether or not the development of technology has a positive impact on society a number of arguments, both or against, need to be examined. These arguments include bringing convenience to our daily life, the economic growth bought by the technology advancement, the problem of electronic waste and the decline of interpersonal skills.

Firstly, technology is very useful in our daily life. Nowadays, almost everyone has a mobile phone, it improves the communication between people. Also, the invention of GPS solves many problems that we had. For examples, you can find a certain restaurant easily as long as your mobile phone has GPS function and you will not worry about getting lost even if you are travelling in other countries.

Another reason why technological development has a positive impact on society is that it boosts the economy. As more labors are required for doing research and development on inventing new products, more people will be employed, it helps to reduce the unemployment rate. Moreover, when the new products were being introduced to the market, it would attract many consumers to make purchases, as a result, it leads to an economic growth.

However, as the technology develops so rapidly, tons of new products are releasing every single day, the consumers will buy the latest ones and disposal the old ones. It causes the problem of the increase of electronic waste, those e-wastes contain many toxic components, if there are being discard in landfills improperly, the environment will be damaged and as a result, humans’ health will also be affected.

Furthermore, people nowadays depend on the technology so much for communication, for example by e-mails, phone calls and SMS. People have less opportunities of talking with others in person, after the...
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