Technological Advances in Travel and Tourism

Topics: Airline, Mobile phone, Airbus A380 Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: July 10, 2011
Assignment 2- How technological advances have affected retail and business operations.

In this assignment I am going to describe how technological advances have affected retail and business operations in the travel and tourism industry.

Advances in Internet and other direct booking
One of the largest areas of impact within technological development is the way bookings are mad. Bookings in the Second World War (1939-1945) were really simple to make as airlines and tour operators had charts on the walls of their office and would take bookings over the phone or by post. The charts were fairly resourceful but normally ended up with double bookings. As the demand for travel grew reservation departments were introduced, with tour operators and airlines using computers they developed their own system. The systems were linked to travel agencies and they could make bookings in their office. They were special systems called view data. The use of the Internet for booking holidays and flights is growing rapidly. Internet bookings can be credited to low-cost airlines, as they educated customers in how to book quickly and easily using the Internet and rewarded them with discounts for doing so. Now that customers have the increased confidence and knowhow they book all areas of their holidays online and in effect make their own packages. Travel agencies will have to redefine their role as this trend continues. Internet bookings are not the only kind of technological development to take place, so is self-check in at the airports and online check- in for airlines. Self check-in at airports is a service available to passengers where they can use a kiosk to choose their own seat and print their own boarding passes, they can then go to fast bag drop and leave their hold baggage, if they do not have hold baggage then they can go straight to the boarding gate. Online check-in for airlines is when a passengers can go onto there chosen airline website and follow the instructions...
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