Technological Advancement of Contemporary Media

Topics: Mass media, Advertising, Newspaper Pages: 5 (2106 words) Published: January 7, 2013
The influence, consumption and technological advancement of contemporary media can be viewed as one of the most phenomenal transformations of our age. Critically discuss As we know, the media has been around for many years, and have been essential to us all. However the media was not always as advanced as it is today. In fact compared to the past and now, all the various mediums are completely different. This is not to say that the media was limited back then, but simply to say that they worked within their means. The media has definitely evolved, making it one of the most phenomenal transformations of our age. Before we aim to explain how the contemporary media or rather the new media has transformed this world, we should first look at the media in general and how it started. In general, media refers to the various means of communication used to get information out to a large number of people at one time. The media are our main source of information; we trust it as a credible source. Up until the 20th century the main source of information were, television, radio, magazine, newspaper and lately the internet. These various mediums play a big and crucial role in all our lives. When there is a need for information, the media is what we turned to. It is a good source of information and entertainment. The media directly or indirectly influence us whether we like it or not. It tells us what to think, however it cannot tell us what to think about. The media affects the way people see themselves, however there is still the majority that claim that what is seen throughout these mediums does not affect them. The media and its wide-ranging effects have been around for a very long time from the time nations were developing methods of communication ways of extending the scope of one's naked voice beyond hearing range, and giving form and substance to one's thoughts. We have truly come through an era where the media have definitely been changed by leaps and bounds taking this whole universe by storm, touching both rich or poor. In the early stages only those fortunate was able to access and get a glimpse of the media world since money played a big part in. Some people were not able to afford any form of communications whether it was television, radio or telephone and many people had to rely on magazines, messengers relay messages. This was a task that usually took a couple of days but in today's technological age things can be done at a seconds notice. As we know, the media has a strong social and cultural impact on society. This is predicated upon their ability to reach a wide audience with a strong and influential message. Marshall McLuhan uses the phrase "the medium is the message" as a means of explaining how the distribution of a message can often be more important than the content of the message itself. It is through the persuasiveness of media such as television, radio and print media that messages reach their target audiences. These have been influential media as they were largely responsible for structuring people's daily lives and routines. Television broadcasting has a large amount of control over the content society watches and the times in which it is viewed. This is a distinguishing feature of traditional media which new media have challenged by altering the participation habits of the public. The internet creates a space for more diverse political opinions, social and cultural viewpoints and a heightened level of consumer participants. There have been suggestions that allowing consumers to produce information through the internet will lead to an overload of information. The new media have definitely changed over the past decades and I can honestly say that it has for the better. One often wonders how did mankind survive without such technology in the past. Each individual medium has improved in its own way, making it easier for us all. Various mediums such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and last but by no...
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