Technological Achievements of the Han and Roman Empires

Topics: Roman Empire, Ancient Rome, Han Dynasty Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: September 22, 2013
Between 1000BCE and 600CE the technological achievements of the Han and Roman Empires greatly excelled creating an outlook of the concepts we have today. Han China as well as Rome both had great construction, where new roads were being built and advanced in the production of newly arrived iron used for tools and weaponry; however, while Han China used iron to open more land clearing the forest as well as to conquer new territories, Rome used their less impressively made iron tools and weapons to expand the empire. Also, although both empires successfully built roads, Rome’s focus leaned toward luxury while the Hans did not take their surroundings for granted therefore building what was simply needed. The construction of the Han and Roman Empires consist of new roads, canals, aqueducts and many more. During this time the architectural achievements of these specific empires were significantly expanding. Similar to each other, both empires Due to their geography, where Han China was isolated and Rome being completely the opposite, their styles and way of life were different, therefore affecting what was being built around them. While the workers of Han China were building The Great Wall for protection from invaders, the Romans built amphitheaters and domes for luxury. Though to a similar account, both empires had their own sense of style. When iron arrived, the Chinese successfully discovered new techniques and ways to use iron that significantly benefitted them. Unfortunately, for the Romans, they were not as manageable with the newly found tool as Han China was. Although the Chinese dealt with iron a bit easier, it still importantly helped both empires. Using iron, the new development of crossbows and cavalry helped to defend the Hans from invaders and enabled them to conquer lands. The Roman Empire however had it a little harder when not being able to understand iron as well. In conclusion, the Han and Roman Empires both achieved architecturally and found the...
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