Techniques of Organizational Development Used to Implement Change

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The basic techniques of organizational development used to implement change are as follows: •Management by Objectives (MBO)
MBO focuses on attempts by managers and their subordinates to work together at setting important organizational goals and developing a plan to help meet them. •Survey Feedback
Survey feedback is an OD technique in which questionnaires and interviews are used to collect information about issues of concern to an organization. This information is used as the basis for planning organizational change. First, data is collected that provides information about matters of general concern to the organization. The second step calls for reporting the information obtained back to the employees during small group meeting. Discussions focus on why the scores are as they are, and what problems are revealed by the feedback. Final step involves analyzing problems dealing with communication, decision making, and other organizational processes to make plans for dealing with them. •Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is an OD intervention that focuses attention away from an organization’s shortcoming and toward its capabilities and its potential. It is based on the assumption that members of organizations already know the problems they face and that they stand to benefit more by focusing on what is possible. The process of AI involves assembling small groups of people from an organization and guiding them through four straightforward steps: oDiscovery: Indentify the positive aspects of organization

oDreaming: Envision the positive aspects in the organization oDesigning: Developing ideas to incorporate the positive aspects oDelivering: Institute plan to deliver the idea

Action Labs
It is an OD intervention in which teams of participants work off-site to develop and implement new ways of solving organizational problems by focusing on the ineffectiveness of current methods. One of the unique features of Action Labs is that the...
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