Techniques and Study Skills

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Identify and describe techniques and study skills that may enhance your own learning| |
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Effective study skills must be practiced in order to improve. It is not enough to simply "think about" studying; we have to actually do it, and in the process use information from what we do to get better. In this essay we will identify and describe study skills and techniques which may enhance the learning ability of the person. The essay will include a description of study habits and preferred learning styles. And finally identification and description of techniques and study skills that may be helpful for a tertiary student’s study plan. Better study skills lead to better test-taking skill and of course better grades. The study habits and skills, that personally help me succeed are many. Before starting, there should always be an appropriate study environment. Personally that includes limited noise, a lot of sunlight, hard surface to write and a comfortable furniture. The first step is to make summary notes, choosing the most important ideas from my text book or lecture notes. Then organize these ideas in to a summary. Divide the information in to ideas, spreading them all over the page and then finding the relationship between them, to achieve this flashcards, mind maps, flow charts or tables. Studding by using summary notes can help you memorize, develop problem solving strategies and acquire more knowledge. Having quiet music playing in the background is very useful for memorizing information to me. Physically touching objects helps me focus my state of mind when performing a task e.g. spinning the pen. Each of us is an individual, and we all learn and think in different ways. There are few learning styles that fit every personality and benefit in their own way. There are many ways that an individual can approach and find which style works best for them. According to Ward and Daley (1993, p.59) V.A.R.K. is a simple test that consists of many...
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