Technique of Indirect Characterization in "The Great Gatsby"

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  • Published : May 18, 2011
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Anastasiya Mazurenko
11th grade
F period
Mr. Johnson

There is no single work of literature in the world, where a full, completed characterization of a person would be, no matter if he/she is the main character, or does not play any role in the novel at all. The main idea is to develop an image of a character through actions of others, and as it gets more complicated, the greater novel becomes. In Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” the author uses the technique of indirect characterization to make the reader feel the atmosphere of the society of the nineteen-twenties by analyzing its behavior. Gatsby, the true representative of all the greatness, richness, and beautifulness of the period, plays the main role in the novel by being the most mysterious and fabulous person. This is the reason why everyone talks about him and creates various rumors about his enigmatic life. Nick and Jordan also play important roles. Their main job is to transmit the Gatsby’s character. During their first meeting they mentioned Gatsby’s name only once, but then it became usual and kept being talked about. When they first kissed, Jordan had already told Nick about Gatsby’s love to Daisy. These discussions tied them together. And as the relationship between Nick and Jordan becomes closer, more information the reader gets from the novel. There is another situation when Nick finds out some negative characteristics of Jordan, such as carelessness, the unsuccessful time period of Gatsby’s life becomes being known by Nick, and so, by the reader. Nick’s company makes Gatsby feel more comfortable and opened. He is not afraid of being trustful with him, because recognizes an unaffected person in Nick, it reminds Gatsby of himself. Nick, in his turn, finds out some characteristics of Gatsby, and creates an image of a swift, strong, and sometimes embarrassed man. The idea of manipulating characters in order to describe someone in a novel makes the reader think on the work,...
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