Technique-Appeal: Use of Justifiable and Valid Arguments to Sway an Argument

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Technique/Appeal| Definition| Examples|
Rhetorical Question| Question that does not require and answer| "Did anyone listen to the garbage he was spouting?"| Attack| Criticising or opposing a individual or an idea| "Her comments are little more than adolescent gibberish."| Hyperbole| Exaggeration or overstatement used to imply something is better/worse or more/less than important| "we are all being brainwashed by reality t.v shows…"| Humour, Sarcasm or Satire| The quality of being amusing, through the use of irony, pun, sarcasm, satire etc| "George and his weapons of mass distraction."| Figurative Language| Describes something as something else.| She was a fox.| Generalisation| Broad statements inferred from specific cases | "This was poor behaviour was modelled by parents…"| Statistics and Expert Opinion| Material used to support an argument: * Facts and stats * Expert testimony * Research findings * Anecdotal effects| "The cities 1.5 million dollar debt…."| Inclusive Language| Use of personal pronouns to involve or exclude groups | "we all have a role to play…"| Vivid Imigary| Use of images and language to illustrate points| "Australia is a fabric woven of many colours."| Appeal to Patriotism| Attempts to persuade through emotional manipulation; targeting particular interests or concerns: * To fear * To sympathy * To family values * To logic * To hip pocket nerves * Patriotism * Guilt, Safety, Lifestyle… Refers to ones love for their country and their willingness to sacrifice for it. | "Long range weapon weapons don’t discriminate - we are all a target."     Used in the army, navy advertisements."Be aussie and eat lamb."| Appeal to family Values| The use of values to be applied to your families. | Respect, Love and Cooperation| Appeal to a sense of Fear| Emotional manipulation to evoke fear.| "If you don't do this, terrible things will happen."| Appeal to Freedom/ Liberalism/ Democracy...
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