Technique and Measurement Lab Report

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Name: Brittany White| Date:2/11/13|
Exp 1: Laboratory Techniques & Measurements| Lab Section: 73426/0|

Data Tables:

Length and Measurements

Object Measured| Length in cm| Length in mm|
Key| 6.4cm| 64mm|
Fork | 26.5cm| 265mm|
CD| 17cm| 170mm|

Warm Temperature Measurements

Hot tap water temperature_73___˚C
Boiling water temperature _101___˚C

Cold Temperature Measurements

Cold tap water temperature__15__˚C
Ice water temperature __0__˚C

Volume Measurements

Volume of completely filled small test tube __16__mL
Number of drops in 1 mL___21_drops
Volume of the micro pipet __99__ drops_4___mL

Density Measurements

Mass of graduated cylinder16.5____g
Mass of graduated cylinder and water _20.5___g
Net mass of the water __4__g
Density of the water__.8__ g/mL

Mass of graduated cylinder and alcohol _20.45___g
Net mass of the alcohol __3.95__g
Density of the alcohol__.79__ g/mL
Volume of half filled graduated cylinder_30.1___mL
Volume of half filled graduated cylinder and metal bolt___38.1_mL Volume of the metal bolt_1___mL
Mass of the metal bolt __8__g
Density of the metal bolt__8__g/mL

The purpose of this experiment was to learn about the international system of units, to become more familiar with common laboratory equipment and techniques, to gain proficiency in determining the volume, mass, lenth, and temperature of a variety of items using common laboratory measurement devices, to learn to combine units to determine density and concentration and to use laboratory equipment to create serial dilutions and determine the density and concentration of each dilution. My conclusions from this was that I learned to be more accurate with my lab tools and became more familiar with the metric units of measurement, I was able to determine that the greater densities than water will sink as indicated by my results the...
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