Technical Writing Process

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The three main steps of the technical writing process are: pre-write, write, and rewrite. Pre-writing will lay the foundation and/or provide guidance on the topic by gathering information about the topic. I can then determine the purpose on whether the motivation is communicated external or internal. In this particular scenario I will be creating a user manual and I believe this manual will be communicated as an external motivation because it will be presented to perspective and existing customers. Then I will determine my goals behind the communication, which would be to instruct and inform my audience. The audience receiving the instruction manual will be tech-savvy and/or have some knowledge in using similar software applications; therefore I will keep the content mid-to-high level in technical understanding. I will be including definitions of technical terminology that will be used in the user manual. After determining the type of audience, the data I will gather about the software will be formulated in more detail by listing out the following: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Prewriting Techniques

WhatIn-depth information about the software (which I need to figure out) System requirements
How to install
Software updates
Special software features
Additional information about the software or online help
Additional service or support hot-lines
Frequently asked questions

WhereMy company
WhyTo support customers in purchasing and using the software HowCreate a step-by-step manual using Microsoft® Word

Mind mapping is the most effective way to expand ideas and additional perspective on a topic. Organizing the information gathered from mind mapping and placing it into an outline are the following steps. I can then begin to draw out the structure and order of how the user manual will read by creating a flow chart

The next step in the technical writing process is writing the document. I will write out a...
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