Technical Writing Basics

Topics: Application software, Computer software, Writing process Pages: 2 (627 words) Published: August 3, 2008
As a customer service manager for a local software development company, I want to create a user manual for a video editing software application the company has developed. The purpose of the user manual is to support our customers in purchasing and using the software. I would use the three main steps of the technical writing process: prewrite, write, and rewrite as a guide to develop the manual. The first step in the writing process is prewriting. As part of the prewriting step, I have already determined my motivation is internal and my goal is to instruct the audience how to use the video editing software. The next steps of the prewriting process are to gather the information to be used in the manual, take into consideration who my audience will be, choose what information is going to be provided in the manual, and how the information will be presented such as logical, chronological, importance, or by problem and solution. The second step is writing. During this step I will organize my information and create a rough draft of the user manual. I need to make sure the information being provided in the user manual flows easily and sensibly so my audience does not become confused. I also need to make sure the formatting of the information is accessible to the reader. The last, and most important, step of the technical writing process is rewriting. I will review my document to determine if there are any areas that need additional clarification, delete any unnecessary wording, and correct any spelling and grammar errors. I may need to make revisions to be sure important information is emphasized. I may also need to reformat the manual to make sure it is reader-friendly. There are five objectives in technical writing they are clarity, make the document clear; conciseness, be specific in detail; accuracy, the document is free of grammatical errors; organization, guide your reader through the document; and ethics, avoid deceiving the reader. Clarity is important to the...
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