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What is an autobiography?

The word autobiography is actually a combination of three Greek root words. "Auto" means self. "Bio" means life. "Graph" means to write, or something that is written. Autobiography therefore is a written account of a person's life authored by the person himself or herself. In other words, you are writing your own events in your own life. You are the author yourself. Autobiography is a form of non-fiction (real life) prose literature. How to write an autobiography, its formatting and style, is purely subjective, meaning it depends on the author. Although it can be written in the third person, most autobiographies are written in first person, that is, using the personal pronouns "I", "me", "myself", "we", etc.

Five key elements of an autobiography
There are basically five key elements of an autobiography. Of course it can be more or less. These are: (1) Family Information; (2) Education; (3) Employment; (4) Associations and Organizations; and (5) Sports, Hobbies and Recreation. I. Family Information:

This section discusses the author's legal names as well as nicknames; details of the person's birth such as date and place of birth, as well as the names of parents; childhood history; information and history of parents and other siblings; and other accounts relevant to the author's family. II. Education:

This is the educational background of the author. It normally starts with informal education at home then it progresses to kindergarten or preparatory (prep). This is followed by primary education or in other countries, this is called elementary school. Next is secondary education or high school. This is probably the most exciting part of the autobiography because the person tries many experiences and goes out of the home to have fun and enjoyment. First relationships and high school romances start, break-ups, rivalries, proms, dates, crushes, and so much more. Then finally college education, bachelor, masteral, and doctorate degrees in university. III. Employment:

This part is all about work experiences and other job-related activities such as seminars, trainings, etc. This will include the names and addresses of employers. You can talk about your accomplishments, promotions, and other highlights of your career in these companies that you worked for. In case of self-employed individuals, you can discuss about your own business, how it started, products and services provided, and customers. IV. Associations and Organizations:

You can start with the associations as early as cub scouts or school teams and move on to student organizations from high school to undergraduate. As your career progresses, you can include memberships to leagues, professional organizations, national, international, and worldwide institutions, associations and organizations. V. Sports, Hobbies and Recreation:

This portion encompasses a vast area of your life. In here, you can write about your hobbies, favorite sports, and all other activities related to leisure, relaxation, and recreation. Write things about travel trips and adventures. Social, community, volunteer, charity and religious activities are also included here. Any other extra curricular activities, write them here. Sample Autobiography Format

easy guide
An autobiography is a detailed account of a person's life written by the person himself/herself. How to write an autobiography is entirely a subjective matter depending on the author. An example of an autobiography includes but not limited to the following:

Family information and history:
last name
first name
middle name
nick names
date of birth
place of birth
full name of parents
education and profession of father
education and profession of mother
historical account of parents
number of children in the family (siblings)
education, profession, history of brothers and sisters
childhood history (description of life as a child)

primary education (elementary...
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