Technical Writing

Topics: Problem solving, Writing Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: December 11, 2012
In order to be a good technical writer a good grasp of the English language, spelling, and grammar is necessary. Other skills such as organization, problem solving, and good communication are also good skills to have. Organization consists of not only keeping notes and information organized in order to formulate the writing, but also creating an organized and logical piece that follows the necessary order and is complete. Solving problems includes the ability to create alternatives or rework issues until a workable solution is found, as well as determining steps that are unnecessary or those that are missing. The ability to solve problems helps to provide explanation and organization when expressing procedures and processes. Good communication skills are essential in order to have a complete picture from the client as to what needs to be done, to create and troubleshoot with the team, and to put ideas down on paper in a way that is clear, complete, and easy to understand. There are many other skills that work toward success as a technical writer. Computer skills are very important, and at least a working level of programs such as Microsoft Word is important if not at least helpful. Traits such as being detail-oriented, analytical, resourceful, honest, and inquisitive all mix together to create a fine technical writer. A willingness to learn means that there is an openness to new ideas that allows creativity to flow more freely, which results in a more complete end product. These are only a few characteristics that help with technical writing. The list is a long one. Technical writing has basically two types of skill levels that require to be improved to become a good technical writer. These are Business-writing skills and Hi-tech skills. Business-writing skills is a level that overlaps considerably with business and commercial copy writing and involves writing business letters, grants, proposals, press releases, etc. Hi-tech skills level requires specialized...
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