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Technical Paper It Project Management
Technical Paper Project
Information Technology Project Management (CIS517)
There is an old adage which insists “time is money.” While simple, in concept, it has been proven true, in fact. In a global, technologically driven society, however, the very idea of time has changed. Having once implied a spanning space between the hours of “nine to five” relative to the person or organization from whose vantage money was viewed, time is now irrespective of person, organization, or location; it is, literally, “24/7.” With this shift in perception, organizations, especially, have taken on the greater challenge of ensuring efficiency in their operations, allowing their customers the freedom and peace of mind to have access to the products or services they purchased without interruption. Working behind the scenes, as it were, are the IT companies that make the realization of this freedom and peace of mind possible. In the scenario with Fiction Corporation, it is quite evident that the role of IT is paramount to the success of the business, in general, and to the company’s decision to- move, in particular. Big-Proj will receive the “big break” for which it is looking by ensuring compliance with the goals set forth in regards to the scope of the project, the timeline projections, and the budgetary requirement of $500,000.00. Scope

Big-Proj has chosen to name this project “Fiction Corporation’s Data-Center Move” to avoid any confusion with possible future contracts with Fiction Corporation, as well as to serve as memory hook, of sorts, should any processes need to be referenced at a later time, and to keep the project’s team focused to avoid possible project creep. It charter is comprised of the project’s authors—Big-Proj and Fiction Corporation—a detailed project overview, and the identification of all stakeholders, including both Big-Proj and Fiction Corporation, as well as the 500 retail outlets, Fiction Corporation’s 10,000 employees, and the number of customers the company services. The justification of the project is to complete critical upgrades in Fiction Corporation’s network system, including space allowances, and to correct security flaws, both identified and unidentified, within its network infrastructure. The requirements of the project are identified in a manner that is two-fold. On the one hand, the goals established by Fiction Corporation in its RFP (e.g., the scenario) are considered and serves as the starting point for the requirements in the form of deliverables. On the other hand, the requirements Big-Proj projects—human resources, upfront costs, slack time (as a function of real-time scheduling), and various vendors—are included to form a more complete picture of what is expected. When the two parts of the requirements were settled, Big-Proj found that it could complete the project within budget and make a profit. Time

The time given was at the behest of Fiction Corporation and allows for 30 days from start to completion. Big-Proj believes this time is feasible, given the nature of the network system currently in place and how it will be seamlessly integrated into the network upgrades. Customers and employees will not able notice any interruptions with normal service and processes with the select upgrades. Costs

Again, the budget was decided by Fiction Corporation and, as with the given timeline, can be achieved due to the synergistic nature of the old and new networks. Project Initiation* In order to ensure the realization of the project goals, Big-Proj’s first consideration is that of choosing its team. Due to the nature of the move, Big-Proj would identify a technical support staff that, too, would staff an around-the-clock call center to handle any glitches in keeping Fiction Corporation’s online processes, in addition to the movers and technical staff that will be responsible for setting up the new facility. The next consideration would...
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