Technical Support and Customer Service Agent

Topics: Technical support, Customer service, Southwest Airlines Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Chapter 7 – southwest airlines
7a Review this IM exchange and explain how the customer service agent could have handled the situation more effectively. The agent should have made the conversation go like this:
Agent: Thank you for contacting Home Exercise Equipment. How is everything going for you? (Omit What’s up) Agent: I do hear that a lot, let’s see what we can do (Omit the LOL) Agent: We will send you another crossbar (after the customer said it was not the right length)

This is how the conversation should have gone. The Agent’s choice of words are inappropriate for a professional setting, those too need to be changed.

Dear Mr. John Doe,
I wish to inform you of the unfortunate decision my team and I have concluded. This decision is that we would no longer be accommodating you as a customer to our store. This is not entirely bad on your end because all we have to do is transfer your medication history to any other pharmacy of your choosing. The reason we decided this is because the time, energy and effort we put into you is too excessive. Each session we spend on you is approximately equivalent to six other customers. In addition to the length of session duration, we also cannot cope with your continuous barrage of insults and cursing. Also, the way you maltreat me and other employees is just out of hand. We wish you deepest luck in your new pharmacy. Thank you for your understanding.

Walgreens Technincian,

Chapter 8 – Get Satisfaction
A. I am contacting you about your recent email request for technical support on your cable Internet Service. As Tech Support, we try to figure out exactly what each customer’s specific problem is so that we can trouble shoot quickly and get you back in business as quickly as possible. On the online support request form, there are a number of fields to enter your type of computer, operating system, memory and so on. You told us you were experiencing slow download speeds during certain times of the...
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