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As a Partial Requirement

Toward Certification at the
Technologist Level


Completing a satisfactory technical report is a requirement for certification as a technologist. This document provides requirements and guidelines for preparing and submitting a technical report.

The technical report must be no fewer than 3,000 words (excluding executive summary, table of contents, references, bibliography, and appendices). The subject must relate directly to the discipline in which the applicant seeks certification. An outline of the technical report should be approved by the ASET Registrar prior to the applicant writing the report to ensure the subject matter is appropriate.

Applicants should pay particular attention to the six areas indicated below.

1.Subject of the Report

The report must be related to the discipline in which the applicant is seeking certification. The report must demonstrate engineering/applied science competence at the technologist level, (including elements of design and application of theory) with extensive technical and mathematical depth. This will illustrate that the author has a clear understanding and mastery of the subject.

The technical report must attempt to discuss an engineering/applied science issue and demonstrate:

• Critical analysis of a technical issue (i.e. a technical thought pattern leading from the identification of an issue to the creation of a hypothesis, and ultimately to a conclusion).

• Analysis of a technical issue, evaluation of alternate resolutions, how the recommendations were derived.

• A conclusion that supports the recommendations.

• Acknowledgement of sources (bibliography, references, footnotes). Acknowledgement of sources not only indicates intellectual courtesy and honesty, it also enables the examiner to confirm reference materials. Technical Reports usually fall into one of three general categories.

• Research Report: A research report requires an extensive search of all sources of material related to the subject (libraries, manufacturing specification sheets, literature and brochures, etc.). The report may entail considerable correspondence with government agencies as well as industry sources. An example of a research report would be a study of recent and on-going investigations into Harmonics and their deleterious effects.

• Analytical (Laboratory) Investigative Report: An analytical investigative report would involve analysis of a process, system, or equipment. An example of an analytical laboratory investigative report may be a particular application for a programmable controller, or studying various aspects of a software package for analyzing distribution systems.

• The Construction Project: A construction project report may require the applicant to complete performance tests, write specifications, or explore a range of applications. The emphasis of the report must be on the application of technology rather than the construction phase itself.

2.Academics/Competency and Level of Practice

The technical report is expected to demonstrate not only the ability to write a technical report but the capacity of the applicant to apply the knowledge they have acquired during earlier academic studies and/or work experience. This bears a direct relationship to the degree of technical and mathematical depth and appreciation and demonstrates the report writing expertise expected in the report.

The technical report must demonstrate academics/competency and level of practice at the technologist level as detailed in the technologist profile, below.

Technologist Profile

A professional, who through academic training...
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