Technical Problems & Traffic Accidents

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King Fahd University Of Petroleum and Minerals

English Language Department (ELD)

English 102 – Term Report
Final Draft

Technology Traffic Accidents in KSA

Name – Mohammad Ba-Azeem

This report will discuss technical causes, effects and solutions of traffic accident in KSA. Also, it will compare and contrast the solutions, then, recommend the best solution and show how it can be applied in KSA.

I. Causes & effects of technology car accidents. A. Causes of technology car accidents. 1) Tires.
a) Underinflated.
b) Worn.
2) Airbags.
a) Sensor.
3) Braking.
B. Effects of technology car accidents. 1) Deaths and injured.
2) Economic.

II. Solutions of technology car accidents.
C. Companies solutions.
1) Test the products.
2) Mark the original products.
D. People solutions.
1) Term around car inspection.

III. Compare & contrast solutions.
E. Similarities.
1) Decreasing the accidents.
2) Save money.
3) Better future.
F. Differences.

IV. The best solution.
G. How it can be applied.
H. How it will change KSA future.

The people in KSA should start seriously to have a good maintenance to their cars annually.

Technology Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents have become a problem that worries the people and KSA government, because they cost the government a lot of money. Also, traffic accidents kill and injure many people. “19 road deaths per 100,000 populations” (S3,P1,L14-15) is the world average. “According to Al-Qahtani, 484,805 accidents occurred on the Kingdom’s roads in 2009, with 6,142 people dying” (S2,P1,L9) and the age of the people who die are between “18 and 30 years” (S2,P1,L12). In addition, traffic accidents increase the number of disabled people, which is “1,481 disables” (S3,P1,L9). Traffic accidents in KSA are caused by many causes and one of them is technical problems. Every day, the technology gets a step forward to make our life easier. On the other hand, it may make the life dangerous. In 2008, the technical problems caused about 5 percent of traffic accident according to the figure, but after a period of time, they may get more than 5 percent. So, I’m going to discuss these problems in this report, which will mention the most common causes, effects and solutions in KSA. Also, I will compare and contrast the solutions to recommend the best solution for KSA and show how can be applied.

I. Causes and effects of technology car accidents

A. Causes:
There are many causes of technical problems in KSA. One of the main causes is the tires problems, which are underinflated and worn tires. One of universities has estimated that “1.4% of all auto accidents could be attributed to underinflated tires” (S5,P2,L24). So, the driver have to be careful about the underinflated, because it increase the risk and it may cause a puncture. Unfortunately, that happen a lot in highways, because “the volume of any gas is increasing with the temperature” (S1,P137,L23), then, the tire explode like a balloon. Also, “when a tread on a tire is worn down to 16mm, there is not enough tread left to provide safe wet traction” (S5,P2,L32). According to that, there will not be enough groove depth left to handle the water and the tire will hit a puddle on the road. Indeed, these two problems in the tires will caused a puncture and they may cause an accident. The second cause is with airbag sensors. “General Motors is recalling nearly 1 million cars, after 130 people were injured by air bags bursting open without any crash” (S4,P1,L16). In KSA, I have heard that a lot, when the airbag sensors are so sensitive. As a...
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