Technical Education to Meet Global Challenge

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  • Published : January 22, 2010
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IIE Research Report Number Twenty-nine
Higher Education
in the
21st Century:
Edited by
Boston College
Institute of International Education and
Council on International Exchange of Scholars
April 1999
Copyright © 1999
Institute of International Education
Boston College Center for International
Higher Education
ISBN 087206-252-X
This book is available from
IIE Books
Institute of International Education
POB 371
Annapolis Junction, MD 20701-0371
800.445.0443 tollfree
301.617.7804 phone
301.206.9789 fax
Preface v
Allan Goodman
Introduction 1
Philip G. Altbach and Patti McGill Peterson
Theme Chapter:
1. Global Challenge and National Response: Notes for 3
an International Dialogue on Higher Education
Philip G. Altbach and Todd M. Davis
2. Global Challenges and the Chinese Response 11
Min Weifang
3. The Transformation of an Imperial Colony into an 19
Advanced Nation: India in Comparative Perspective
Suma Chitnis
4. Higher Education in Africa: Challenges and Strategies 31
for the 21st Century
George S. Eshiwani
5. South Africa: Future Prospects 39
Nasima Badsha
iii 6. Latin America: National Responses to World 47
Challenges in Higher Education
Simon Schwartzman
7. Universal Problems and National Realities: 59
Japan in Comparative Perspective
Akimasa Mitsuta
8. Current Issues and Future Priorities for European
Higher Education Systems 67
Barbara Sporn
9. A Regional Perspective: Central and Eastern 79
Peter Darvas
Contributors 91
More persons will attend colleges and universities in the next cen- tury than in all of human history. Most of the capacity to accommo- date this demand is yet to be built, and most of it will be built out- side the United States. This book presents the thinking of leading higher education researchers and policymakers around the world about what kinds of blueprints are needed and who will be the ar- chitects for those future higher education systems and structures. The essays grew out of papers presented at a December 1998 sym- posium, “Global Challenge and National Response,” sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and convened by Dr. Patti McGill

Peterson, executive director of the Council on International Ex- change of Scholars (CIES), which in affiliation with the Institute of International Education (IIE) administers for the U.S. Information Agency the Fulbright Fellowship Program. The conference benefited greatly from the advice and participation of Philip G. Altbach, J. Donald Monan, S.J. Professor of higher education at Boston Col- lege and director of its Center for International Higher Education, who served as editor and copublisher with IIE of this publication, which is the 29th in a series of IIE Policy Research Reports on...
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