Teca 1318 Center Visit Essay

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Center Visit Lab # 2
1. Describe the following playground equipment:
• Area or equipment Comments & Reactions a.) Fence and gate:
• The fence in this school is black.
• It is made out of metal.
• They also have a silver gate at the front of the playground that is locked for child safety. • When the children come to the playground the teachers open the lock and then let the children inside. • I think it is a very good idea to keep the gate locked because than there is a lot less chances of an intruder to be able to come in. • When I was there to observe one of the parents came to pick up their child, but even the parents cannot just open the gate. • There is always one teacher standing by the gate and since the parent came to pick up the child, the teacher went to the child and told them that their parent is here to pick them up; the teacher and the child walked up to the parent and then the teacher opened the lock for the gate. • By seeing this I felt so great because seeing this I can be sure the children are safe in the playground. • Since the gate is locked stray animals cannot come inside the playground and the children cannot run outside which is very safe. b.) Playground surfaces:

(Grass, sand, wood chips, etc.)
• The playground surface they have has wood chips on the area of the swings and ladder for children. • At first I thought that the wood chips would be dangerous for the children, but, when I stepped into the area of the swings the wood chips felt like a cushion. • That area of the playground was actually safe because if the child would fall they would not get hurt. • The rest of the playground was covered with grass except the sand play area which had sand. • When I was standing there and watching all the children play in the playground I felt like being a child all over again. c.) Landscaping

• It is very attractive because the playground seems very clean and very safe. • The swings and equipment were all shining as if they cleaned every morning. • When I was there I did not see any poisonous plants.

• The only plants I saw in the playground were green leaves plants which had big green leaves; there was no way that those trees could hurt the children. • At that moment I felt that every child should go to this school. d.) Riding toys/riding path

• They did not have any riding toys or riding paths.
e.) Playground equipment
(Swings, slides, climbing apparatus)
• They have swings, slides, and monkey bars as their playing equipment. • They also have baby swings.
• I think that it is a good idea to have baby swings because than even babies can get there playing active time. • Even if they are just on the riding on the swings it still gives their cognitive development a jumpstart. f.) Fall zone area

• The playground does not really have a fall zone area because mostly everything there is safe. • The monkey bars could cause a child to fall because it is a bit too high. • Although, one thing that I saw was that there were at least two teachers in each of the playground sections. • Even on the monkey bars the teacher’s would hold the child through their journey of traveling on the monkey bars so they would not fall. • Seeing this I was just speechless because I felt like I was just dreaming that teachers were so careful about everything. g.) Sand and water play

• There sand area was also very safe.
• There were two teachers watching that area of the playground also. • The sand was white and light brown color.
• Although, it was not dusty so it was not harming the children in anyway. • Here again I was surprised because I thought that sand play would be unsafe for children, but I was proved wrong again h.) Shaded areas

• Most of the area there were shaded
• The outer sides have many trees so at those particular areas it is very shaded. • I think that having the playground area shaded is a good idea because it can protect the child from sunburn and the parents...
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