Tebow Time!

Topics: Plaxico Burress, American football, Religion Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Wether you are a football fan or not you’ve heard the name Tim Tebow. He hasn’t made it into his third year and yet he doesn’t cease to get media attention that some quarterbacks do not see in an entire career. He has only thrown 17 touchdowns in two years, having just 1667 completion yards, 62 yards below the league average and he has been the center of attention since the day he was drafted. So we must sit back and ask our selves where is all this media coverage coming from?

His religious beliefs are the center of a lot of the attention. Yes of course you see athletes praying during games, wearing crosses, crossing themselves, thanking God or what have you but never, at least in recent memory has such an athlete with such a zealous belief taken the sports world by storm. Tebow is never seen with out some biblical inscription under his eyes during games, you wont see him complete a huge play, score a touchdown or win a game with out dropping to a knee to pray. He has his own following because of this, the famous “tebowing”. He is clearly proud of his religion and thankful because of it, he’s not shy about it, appearing in a religious based ad with his mother.

This is just to start however, the season last year fueled his ride to an even greater success. He made some big plays in some big games, the broncos where just 1-4 before Tebow got the nod to fill the starting QB position. He topped the year off with an 80 yard touch down pass to team mate Demaryius Thomas to beat the mighty Steelers in overtime in his first play off appearance ever, whether you like the guy or not that is impressive. Of course he still has his critics, some say he just shows up in the fourth quarter, some say he just makes a few plays in the right spots, and some joke it because he has the Lord on his side.

Personally I think its too early to make any accurate judgments on Tebow, in two years he’s only had 23 starts. The great Joe Montana only had 16 touchdowns in 8 starts in...
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