Tears of a Tiger

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Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Drapar
Introduction The book takes place in Hazelwood High; the leading characters are Andy, Rob, Tyrone, and B.J. The book starts out in a tragic car crash after basketball. The boys were under the influence of alcohol; except for B.J. Rob was killed while he was in the passenger seat of the car. Andy the driver of the car tried to pull Rob out but just wasn’t strong enough. Andy after Rob’s death is going into clinic depression he’s lost his best friend and had to take all the jobs Rob would have had. Andy basically had step into Rob’s shoes and be point guard for the basketball team. While it seems his friends had other trouble like girl and school.In the end it becomes even sadder Andy and Kesha brake up and Andy becomes suicidal, and Tyrone’s dad continues to beat him. While B.J. rights poems to God that he wants a short girl friend. In the end Andy can’t take it anymore and kills himself and left his remains for his brother to later find.Andy’s little brother who said he wanted to be just like Andy didn’t understand what had happened. His parents let him visit his grave often, but he’ll never understand what happened to his brother. This leads many of us to think maybe he will turn into his brother and do something stupid that he will regret.I liked the book and would suggest it to a friend, but it’s a little sad for my taste. If I did recommend it to a friend I would tell him not to skip any chapters because there’s key points in almost every chapter, and he might read something that would ruin the story.
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