Tears of a Girl Child

Topics: Woman, Boy, Girl Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: February 12, 2013
Tears of a girl child- How can we make a difference?
This story is older than the time, a girl still die, killer still commit the crime. Why there is a smile in the face of a family when a boy is born and not when a girl is born? I don’t see a reason why everyone wants a boy and not a girl? Girls are like a kite, they just need a love string to fly. Girls are unique, they have no sequel. They are no less compared to boys, they are equal. Girls become a mother, mother give birth to a son. If we keep on killing girls, how will this world run? Girls are pinnacle of god's creation, they are paramount, let’s all stop this discrimination and increase their count. No one is less, all are equal. Let's retain our sanity. Girls are very precious; they are as fresh as dew, accept them with open arms, don't bid them adieu. Girls are the sunshine of our lives, don't think them as shadow. Stop Female feticide, infanticide and increase girl acceptance window. I admit........ Sons keep the race growing, but it’s the girl who keep the humanity flowing. Sons serve their parents until they get a wife, but girls serve their parents throughout their life. Her cries are voiceless, let God decide her fate. Stop killing girl child, don't promote the hate, you save your girl and educate others to save theirs. Welcome every girl in this world without any survival fear. She is every father's pride; she is every groom's bride

She is every sun's shine; she is every poet's rhyme
She is every heart's beat, without her this world is incomplete She is better than a boy, yes, she is an Elite
Girl child is the future of every nation and India is no exception. A little amount of care, a handful of warmth and a heart full of love for a girl child can make a big difference. Close your eyes, free your thoughts and hear the voice of God, He is saying something to all of us, “Save Me”. Girl child education in India: The constitution guarantees free primary school education for boys...
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