Teamwork: Sergeant and Soldiers

Topics: Sergeant, Teamwork Pages: 4 (1529 words) Published: March 13, 2005
Teamwork, what is it? This is the question that has puzzled mankind for a millennium. Essentially it is where more than one person works together to achieve a common goal. We as people use teamwork every minute of the day, but it is especially important to the job of the Infantryman, it is the backbone of our jobs. We as soldiers have to recognize that in order to do our job we must rely on the man on our left and the man on our right. This is the basics of the infantryman's job trust the guy to each side of you and you will make it through whatever evil hell may send your way. What happened last Thursday night was a total lack of teamwork, trust and most importantly brotherhood. Three soldiers from 1st Platoon decided to take things into their own hands not thinking of the team, used bad judgment and ended up getting not only themselves into trouble but also the platoon, the platoon sergeant who has stuck his neck out for us more than a few times. The actions of the few made the platoon who had excelled in prior weeks look like complete undisciplined vagabonds. These three were not entirely to blame for they were accompanied by other soldiers who knew what they were doing and did not voice the truth, these soldiers, these silent few let not only themselves down but also the Fightin' First team down. It is our responsibility as fellow soldiers to police up our brother no matter what situation arises; it is our responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves from their own actions. We not only failed ourselves, brothers, and team but we failed one of the most important army values…LOYALTY. For is it not true, in order to be loyal to others we must first be loyal to ourselves. We forget our creed we will never leave a fallen soldier; whether fallen means dead on the battlefield or drunk in the bar never the less he is still fallen and it is our job to police our buddies up. Teamwork has been used since the beginning of man from the slaves in Egypt to...
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