Teamwork in the Workplace

Topics: Management, Effectiveness, Montego Bay Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Running Head: Article review on teamwork in the workplace

Teamwork in the Workplace
Montego Bay Community College
Introduction to Administrative Management

The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of teamwork in the workplace. The paper evaluates the literature that attempted to highlight the importance of teamwork in the workplace. Two main themes are developed. First, the literature that defines teamwork, and second, the benefits of having teamwork implemented in the workplace. The paper establishes that teamwork is an activity or a set of inter-related activities done by more than one person to meet a common goal. Its benefits in the workplace are fast learning, workload distribution, buildings bond, healthy competition, explored creativity, job satisfaction and increase speed of work. Teamwork is also beneficial at the organizational level. Effective teamwork in the workplace benefits the organization by increasing the productivity which aid in goal achievement and fulfill commitments. The concepts and benefits of teamwork discussed in the paper prove to be quite beneficial to the office and the office professionals. This is evident as teamwork has been practiced from the beginning of time and benefits not only the individual by teaching them certain skills such as communication and corporation as well as motivating them but also the organization as it increases productivity and efficiency that can lead to a competitive advantage. Teamwork applies to the office as it builds a positive environment in which stress is eliminated and work relationships are strengthened within the workplace. It also applies to the office professional as it helps them to grow as an individual as well as make them more effective, it might be a bit difficult to adjust in a group initially but gradually these office professionals will learn to adjust for the betterment of their organization and also themselves.

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