Teamwork: Ethics and Team Members Distrust

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  • Published : March 24, 2012
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1. Which was the most effective group (team) of which you have been member? What made the group (or team) so effective? One of the most effective teams I have been a member of is the Lindsay Street Baptist Church Senior Usher Board. Our board is made up of individuals of the same race. However, our ages vary from 23 to 75 years of age. With this broad age gap, everyone is learning something differently about each other during our meetings. We share a common goal which is to be the best “doorkeepers” in the church. We find solace and joy in performing our duties. We are committed to each as members of the board. We respect, trust, and communicate effectively with one another. We are aware and respect of each other’s feelings. We consider ourselves family on the board. Group cohesion is what we experience on the usher board. Group cohesion is the “interpersonal glue” that makes the members of a group stick together (Nelson & Quick, 2011). We realize that everyone cannot be the leader of the group. We elect a president to keep us in order, motivate us, criticize us, and compliment us. One main function of the president is to make sure the ushers are governed according to established rules and regulations. Every organization, group or business should have a leader in place to direct and lead the people.

In your answer consider both individual factors in part 2 of your textbook (e.g., values, motivation, feedback/learning, etc.), and group factors in chapter 9, such as diversity (pp. 308-310), the group characteristics in table 9.1, and the group behavior concepts on pages 294-296.

2. What are the most significant barriers to teamwork, and to empowerment, that you have seen? Consider trust and other factors introduced in the interaction part of this module. Trust should be an essential element in business. It is vital for the employee to trust the manager’s words and actions. Conversely, it is important for the manager to trust the employee...
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