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One of the most valuable strength of teamwork is that it helps to complete work faster. Because large task can be broken down into smaller assignments so task should be split up. Smaller tasks also require less time and brain power so they don’t waste your time when working or studing. You will be unforgettably successful in making the event or activity for each member of the team. Work distributing not only reduces each individual burden,but also increases responsibility and better brainstorming. For example,let’s look at the picture. When one individual builds house all on your own,besides the long duration and the risk of the contribution stopping mid way.there may be faults and damages in many aspects of the house. However ,when different people with various skills anh knowledge come together to do different jobs,the house will be completed in a much shorter time. Finally, there would be a house that is beautiful and inhabitable. Another benefit of teamwork is the contribution of members for general work. Everyone has different strengthen. In a team,different strengthen from different people can be combined. As a result, better work was made. Combining many skills such as analysis,communication also leads to increased creativity. Members of the team can share informations,ideas,experiences with each other. Moreover,when working together, people can catch and fix other’s mistake. Finally, work in a team also motivates team spirit. Relationships are important because they help people communicate better with others,and frienship contributes to job satisfaction. Supporting systems will be stronger because people will feel more comfortable relying on each other. When people have to work together ,opportunities for team building are usually created. At work, people maybe shy, bossy, dependent or lazy and team building never really gets off the ground. Thus,a great way to practice the kind of teamwork that...
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