Teamlease: Putting India to Work Legally

Topics: Employment, Training, Recession Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Roxanne Koprowski
March 18, 2013
Teamlease: Putting India to Work Legally

1.) Growth is extremely important for TeamLease’s future, especially since their business model was to “grow so fast that no one can shut you down.” They also wanted to create a people supply chain as well as becoming India’s largest employer. With those goals in mind, their ultimate achievement is to grow substantially. In order to remain India’s largest employer, they had to keep up with the explosive growth and competition in the telecommunications, financial services, and retail sectors. 2.) Going forward, TeamLease has faced a few challenges along the road. First, TeamLease decided to move from a decentralized to a centralized structure for operations, causing fear and resistance from clients who were afraid of the loss of personalized services and fear from TeamLease employees who disliked the idea of relocating. TeamLease also had a difficult time filling open positions. Many people were registered with the government-run employment exchanges and many of these people were not fully qualified for the job. TeamLease also tried to partner with training companies but there was no training company that would accept their concept of paying for their services only after their trainee has been placed with a job. They also took a big hit during the 2009 recession causing the open job market to drop dramatically and as well as a decrease in client support. 3.) The competitors that worry me the most are Addeco and Randstad. Addeco seems to be the largest HR staffing service company followed by Randstad. Addeco is a major threat with over 33,000 employees and 5,500 branches, in over 60 countries. Randstad has 28,700 employees, 3,500 branches, in over 40 countries. TeamLease on the other hand has 75,000 employees in 600 branches. TeamLease may have more employees, but Randstad and Adecco seems to have more qualified employees and are more spread out worldwide. TeamLeast...
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