Team Work Makes a Dream Work

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: Teamwork is an important component of the effective functioning of any organisation. Choose an organization of your choice and demonstrate through a case study approach, how teams operate and function in an organization. Weigh up factors that promote or inhibit successful teamwork in an organization. Discuss the characteristics of successful work teams in your essay. Table of Content

Background information on National Development Agency1
Organisational Structure2
Operation of NDA2
Importance of Teamwork3
Factors Promoting Teamwork Success4
Factors Inhibiting Teamwork Success5
Characteristics of Successful Teamwork6
Conclusion6List of Sources7
The success of teamwork is an integral part of any organization wishing to succeed in the global community. In order for organization to achieve any desired goals it shouldknow its status thus, background and the impact or importance of teamwork in anorganization. Teamwork enhances the organization to operate and function to its bestability as well as to understand crucial issues such as factors promoting teamworksuccess and the disadvantages inhibiting teamwork success. This article will review anin depth information on National Development Agency and a diagram showing theorganizational structure. Furthermore, characteristics of successful teamwork will bediscussed in order to expose gaps on negative factors inhibiting teamwork success. Thestudy will reveal that NDA has been an effective teamwork in achieving their goals. 2.Background information on National Development Agency

The national development agency was established in November 1998 and is a publicentity listed under the schedule 3A of the Public Finance Management Act and it reportto the Parliament of the Republic of South Africa through the minister of SocialDevelopment and is subjected to carry out the following task, firstly to contributetowards the eradication of poverty and its causes by granting funds to civil societyorgainsations for the purposes of implementing development projects of poor communities and strengthening the institutional capacity of other civil societyorganizations that provide services to poor communities. To promote consultation,dialogue and sharing of development experience between civil society organizationsand relevant organs of state, debate development policy and as well as to undertakeresearch and publication aimed at providing the basis for development policy. Themission and vision of National Development Agency is to see a developing society freefrom poverty and to contribute to poverty eradication and the elimination of its causes(Mokate: 2009).2.1. Organisational Structure

The organizational structure is by nature hierarchical in the sense that it starts with theCEO and followed by other subordinates in the structure. This type of bureaucratic 2
structure is accompanied by top down decision making in an organization is groupthinkis most present or will take place. The following are the management of NDA:  Source 2009
: NDAThe organization finances all the South African provinces and each and every provincethe orgainsation has offices to administer the projects as well as to finance them. Thekey success of this institution is that communication is vital to the in the sense thatevery individual administering projects is well informed and advised before allocatingfunds to any projects a community want to pursue (Mokate: 2009).2.2. Operation of NDA

The philosophy of each and every oragnisation is to treat each and every assignment or project as a valued work in order to succeed, is either using a custom-designed strategyfocusing on the requirements and expectations of individuals within that organization or their organisation. In order to start seeing the results, the organisation’s teamworkshould be committed to flexible and creative...
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