Team Work in Organizations

Topics: Belbin Team Inventory, Decision making, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Successful organizations have a strong foundation of an effective ream work. Effective team has the ability to make or break the success. According to Dr. Meredith Belbin research, he identify a patent of behaviour people exhibit when there are in a team environment and that behaviour can have a impact on the performance of the team. Within this behaviour patens there is some team member with dominate and sub-dominate behaviours. He argues that there are nine roles involved in a team. Furthermore he categorise those nine team roles in to three groups. Witch is “Action Oriented, People Oriented, and Thought Oriented” (M.belbin.3rd.2010). Belbin also identify the weakness that tends to accompany with each role. The nine team roles are Implementer, Resource Investigator, Plant, Co-ordinator, Shaper, Monitor evaluator, Team worker, Specialist, Completer and finishers. Belbin argues that implementers are more aware of the responsibilities and there are much disciplined. Team members with this characteristic are willing to do jobs that others necessarily prepare to do. Resource investigator is a person how willing to explore new opportunities. This kind of character is a good listener and prepares to socialise at any given environment. Someone with high IQ and willing to take radical approach to team problems can identify as a planter. Co-ordinator is committed to team goals and objects. Someone who is committed complete and “shape” others along the way is shaper. Monitor evaluator has a large contribution towards the final decisions making. Also monitor evaluator is serious minded and not affected my emotional arguments. I found that the team worker has a great importance to a team. This person will enable difficult characters within the team and use there knowledge and skill to achieve the team goals. Specialist will supply with the knowledge and skills he is specialised. This person should have a range of knowledge regards to the task that team involved. Finally,...
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