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How Do Organizations Utilize Team Work

How Do Organizations Utilize Team Work
The use of team work has become a popular strategy for organizations. As stated by Elaine Baines “Probably the key advantage of teamwork is a better end result. Organizations find that teams can be more responsive to the changing needs of the marketplace (p.2).” Team work in organizations helps to keep things organized. Organizations utilize team work to save time, money and also to increasing productivity. Utilizing team work helps to saves organizations time and money. By bring more resources to solve problems, there more overseers to lessen the risk of poor individual contributions. When fewer mistakes are made the team becomes more efficient as well. And with the increase of efficiency comes the increase in productivity. When productivity increases sales also increase. Organizational members encourage others to perform to the best of their abilities. There are a number of possible reasons for this. Individuals work harder and more efficiently to avoid letting their team down. Individuals within a team help each other and increase the chances of success. Information is shared amongst the team which may only be available to some individuals otherwise. This not only saves time but it saves money as well. A key part to an organizations advancement though team work is to be organized. For example in my organization it is important for team members to leave enough stock items cups, napkins and etcetera, to get the next team to the end of its shift. Without that organization my job and my work team would suffer. This in turn would lose us customers and money. The capabilities of an organized team achieve much more than an individual could in other words synergy. Synergy is when an output or result exceeds the input of just one individual. This is achieved when team members function well together. When everyone...
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