Team Work

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Good Morning Team,
I would like to appreciate all the effort that you put to make this company running smooth. I also want to thank all team members for the hard work that makes my life easy. However, I have noticed that we have some common mistakes in our email correspondence. As a team we need to address this issue so that our communication, internal and external, will be as per the standards. 1. The subject line has to be as brief as possible. It does not need to be a complete sentence, and should give a hint about the message. 2. The message must be to the point. It does not need to have unnecessary and irrelevant information. 3. Any information the email has to be based on justifiable facts. Otherwise it will misinform all addressees. 4. To avoid miscommunication or guilty of plagiarism it is always good practice to quote the source. Referring to previous email can be taken as an example. 5. For the safety of the entire company, do not attach or open any 'infected' software. 6. Setting up email greetings and signatures is good practice as it saves a lot of time. 7. Never send personal information, jokes, web page references to someone's work e-mail address 8. Always read the email at least once before hitting ‘send’. 9. For courteous, do not forget to say thank you. It is always appropriate. 10. When replying for emails, keep in mind not to hit ‘reply all’, unless needed. Please take a few minutes of your time to refresh your memories about the standards of communication and common mistakes. Bye the way, these links is not ‘infected’.

Keep it up. I look forward to working with you all.

Agerneh Demissie
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