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Team Viewer

By | November 2009
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The friendly all-in-one solution for support, teamwork & presentations Delight your customers with instant, effective support. Master complex work processes in your team effortlessly. Visualise your telephone sales conversations by means of presentations. Simple – fast – secure.

Team Viewer is the solution for simple desktop sharing
With TeamViewer you can establish a connection to any computer via the Internet in just a few seconds and remotely control this computer just as if you were sitting in front of it – without having to worry about firewalls, IP addresses or NAT.

A all-in-one solution for every case
The areas of use of TeamViewer at a glance Spontaneous support Remote maintenance of unsupervised computers (servers) Online presentations, e.g. in sales Online training Team work Home office File transfer via Internet VPN Unlike the normal solutions on the market, TeamViewer combines the application cases spontaneous support, remote maintenance, presentations, team work and VPN in a single, very affordable application.

Unproblematic operation behind firewalls
The biggest problems in using remote maintenance software are generally caused by firewalls, disabled ports and NAT routers for local IP addresses. When you use TeamViewer you can forget these difficulties: TeamViewer finds your partner through firewalls too.

Simple to install and use
Neither installation nor administrator rights are required on the customer side; your customer merely runs a small program and away you go.

Unrivalled inexpensiveness
TeamViewer is unbeatably cheap. All prices are one-off procurement costs. There are no monthly or hidden costs, such as service contracts.

TeamViewer is available for Windows and Mac OS X and thus also enables crossplatform remote control.

Find out for yourself why millions of users worldwide already rely on TeamViewer.


Efficient support as if you were there
Whatever you want to do - TeamViewer is your competitive...

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