Team Sports vs. Individual Sports

Topics: Individual sports Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Mario Ledesma
Instructor Novotny
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Team Sports vs Individual Sport

Sports are an important part of just about every society lives. In one way or another everyone is involved in sports or some sort of activity whether they’re playing or watching or just knows someone who does. There are many types of sports like: team and individual sports. For example, golf is considered to be an individual sport. The purpose of golf is so that golfers play on the same course and competing against one another only with their scores. For some sports like tennis in which one player must beat the other to finish a match. Golf features each player against every other player with the one who takes the fewest strokes to sink the ball into 18 holes is declared the winner. Then there are sports like: baseball, basketball, and soccer which are team sports. These sports consist of teams of five, seven, and nine plays against each other with team members helping each other to win as a team. Sports are played for fun or for money or sometimes both. Just about every sport has both professionals (those who compete for money) and amateurs (those who do not compete for money). It is important that we experience both individual and team sports because these two kinds of sports teach us very different values and rules that are fundamentals not only in the sport world but as well as in life. Although, learning how to play a team sport has a lot of advantages. The first things we can think of are related to the interaction among the members of the team. It might seem fun and easy to play in teams, but it is not so simple. In fact, it takes time and training to develop those skills that we need to join in a team. Practicing team sports can effectively teach you a very important lesson so you know how to work together to reach the same goal. This means that to be in a team you need to know how to rely and trust one another, how to accept their...
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