Team Role Paper

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Team Role Paper

Learning Team A

COM100: Introduction to Communication

Jan Bozwell, instructor

Team Roles
Working in teams can be a tricky task for a good majority of people, but being able to designate roles to each team member can help promote the teams effectiveness, cohesion and advance the project completion. Designating roles for the members of a group can increase effectiveness because it helps cater specific roles to a specific need that supports the team’s collaborative effort. Some roles that help in this effort are the leadership role, the encourager, analyst, and a secretary. Each role has a certain responsibility that can ensure success and effectiveness. The leader is one of the most important roles, the leader helps keep the group on task; he/she maintains the schedule of meetings, and deadlines. The encourager helps guide the discussion to maintain a forward momentum. The analyst is the facts checker; their main responsibility is to make sure that information is correct (Indiana University: Bloomington, 2012). The final role belongs to the secretary, this person’s responsibility is to make sure ideas are recorded and submitted on time. Each designated role plays a major part in the effectiveness of the team’s final project.

Effectiveness of a group is paramount in keeping a group on track and maintaining a deadline, but cohesion can be just as important for a team.
By assigning roles to individual team members, you’re building cohesion. Individuals possess a variety of strengths and weaknesses which can often complement each other in a team setting. The strengths of one team member may help balance the weaknesses of another. By splitting a project into smaller tasks based on individual strengths, team members are forced to trust and rely on one another to complete parts of the project. When tasks overlap or are ready to come...
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