Team Reflection

Topics: Management, Skill, Employment Pages: 2 (715 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Week Four Team Summary
During week four learned about becoming a more effective leader or manager. There are many challenges of leadership and managing employees. It is about getting the employees to do their job and training them to take over a manager position one day. As a leader or manager a person does not have the power or the right to do what they want when they want it just gives them more responsibilities to do and to make sure that the employees under him or her are working to his or her fullest ability. A manager or leader is only as good as his or her employees under him or her and if he or she is not good the manager or leader is not good. learned many things in these chapters that she could apply to her daily life, like the saying goes, “Leaders are made, Not Born,” we need to have a better understanding of what leadership is. If the power is being used in a productive way, you will become an effective leader. Power vs. leadership, I could say this would be a never-ending debate; I never thought I could learn so much about the different types of power. What stands out is the referent power – there are so many things/people reasons that overpower us. No matter how these things overpower us, we are still responsible for our actions. It also gives us the ability on how to be responsible once we recognized it. Having your own identity will help you recognized the responsibility of your actions. I learned the three Formal power abilities, which are coerce, reward, and legitimate. Coerce brings out negative results toward the employee whereas reward is the opposite of coerce, it benefits the employee. In week four learned many things about being a manager and knowing the employees. I learned how important it is to handle the different types of situations that may come along and that being a manager means that you have to grow as a person and set goals for the things that you want to accomplish. A manager has to know the strengths and...
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