Team Reflection

Topics: Person, Want, Need Pages: 1 (443 words) Published: December 3, 2012
In week three the team learned more about group development and the stages that go along with it. There are five stages that were talked about in this week. When forming the group, this is the part were the people are not sure what they will be doing or who will be in charge, to what that structure will be like. Then we go to the storming stage. Storming is where the staff accepts the group but will resist how the group affects the individuality of the person. Norming stage will happen when the individuals of the group solidifies and comes up with what each person of the groups responsibilities are and want each person wants from the other people on the team. This will help to hold the group through the project. After coming together the staff will start the performing stage. With performing are the committee’s teams, task forces, and similar groups where they have limited task performing. The manager having this kind of information will help the people who are in the group to stay organized, understood, and focused on what needs to be done to finish the project. Looking into the fifth-stage model, there are so many problems with this model especially with a work environment part. Most employees who are work in a group already have the plans, roles, and resources figured out so all of the stages in the 5-stage model are not needed. Other problems with this model are conformity and social loafing. With conformity some people have the personalities that would just agree with other instead of giving their actual opinion. Some people would rather not contribute or decide that they will let others do all the work and yet they take credit for it. The only way that this model can work is if the groups of people not know one another and they are from different business trying to work out a program to help all the different business to work together. Also if the people are from different business they are all going to want to let the other part of the group know what...
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