Team Reflection

Topics: Sampling, Data collection, Sample Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Team Reflection
Edleen English, Manuel Garcia, Federico Jimenez, Bairon Rivas, Nawal Sherif RES/351
May 09, 2012
David Bridgeman, MBA
University of Phoenix

Business Research 351 enlightened the team of the importance of research in business. Gathering information and questioning help us make better decisions for our organizations. Many of the team members have already implemented many of the research methods in their current employment. The objectives for week five were to develop the data collection instruments and to differentiate between sampling methods and their application in business research. Data collection instruments such as rating, ranking, sorting, and categorization, are selected and designed to measure data appropriate for research based on attitude and behavior and shape future dispositions. These data collection instruments also measure the reliability, validity, and practicality of the scales and take into consideration several factors: research objectives, response types, data properties, numbers of dimensions, balanced or unbalanced, forced or unforced choices, number of scale points, and rater errors (Cooper & Schindler,  2011).

Sampling can be very useful for us in our business lives, because it allows someone to gather information quickly, conveniently, and at times, economical. Sampling is based on two primary premises: one, there is enough similarity among the elements, and two the elements of a sample underestimate and overestimate the population value. It’s also good to conduct sampling for your company by gathering samples in the now and being able to use that information for a later use. Non-probability sampling is a process that is widely used by many companies because of it low cost and it also has so compelling practical advantages. Random sampling is crucial to avoid biased or inaccurate results for example if a company needed to test a new shampoo, the survey should be offered to home owners, apartment renters,...
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