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  • Published : May 29, 2013
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Scope Statement (Version 1)

Project Title: Freedom Elementary iPad Deployment for eLearning Date: 4/19/13Prepared by: |
Project Justification: The ability to leverage the capabilities of portable wireless computer devices has become an essential element of daily life. Students’ one-to-one access to their own devices in a classroom setting is critically essential in preparing them for their future. Teachers remain instrumental in guiding them to explore the creative and professional use of these devices, ultimately enhancing students’ education. One-to-one devices include the following advantages: 1 Provide the opportunity to learn using computers in addition to life-critical skills relating to maximize student’s research, writing, mathematics, and presentation. 2 Complement the use of interactive whiteboards, digital resources, and other digital technologies. 3 Provide networked technology for effective two-way communication and collaboration between teachers and students. 4 Extend learning beyond the classroom.| Product Characteristics and Requirements: 1 Clear and well-managed processes 2 Shared understanding of intended outcomes 3 Realistic objectives 4 Clearly defined jobs and responsibilities| Summary of Project Deliverables

Project management-related deliverables: Current Curriculum Review, Project Plan, Curriculum Conversion Example, Cost/Benefit Compilation, Initial Analysis, WBS, Pre-Deployment Analysis, Post-Deployment Analysis, Review with Administration/Faculty Product-related deliverables: 1 Faculty Training 2 Support Documentation (ie. Acceptable Use guidelines, Internet & Network guidelines) 3 Software/Hardware 4 Curriculum Development 5 Classroom Troubleshooting| Project Success Criteria:

The principle objective with the deployment of iPads into Freedom Elementary classrooms is to develop independent and self-initiated learning with students and extend their learning beyond the classroom. In...
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