Team Performance Appraisal System

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Team Performance Appraisal System – Conversion Summary

Human Capital management
Instructor: Kevin Edwards

September 15, 2008

Team Performance Appraisal System – Conversion Summary

Strategies to discourage social loafing

Social loafing is best described when individuals frequently exert less effort on collective tasks than on individual tasks (Group and Social loafing, 2008). The reason for this type of performance is that individuals feel as though they are not being recognized for their individual efforts, and therefore see no reason to reach high-level performance when on teams. This results in a lack of drive to effectively complete the job task and result in a weak team. However, there are strategies to discourage social loafing for the intent to encourage motivation to an individual that will result in an effective team performance. If social loafing is not discouraged among teams, then the chances of enduring a strong team for InterClean are minimal. The first step to discouraging social loafing is to acknowledge individual team members on their specific job duties and responsibilities. It takes the three C’s to discourage social loafing, Collaboration, Content, and Choice ( Group and Social Loafing, 2008). Collaboration is best identified as the ability to assign each group members to a specific task so that they feel obligated to get the job complete in hopes of avoiding letting the team down. When the individual is given their job task, the team will be able to identify if the individual team member is getting their job done or not, if not, then the individual will be penalized accordingly so not to affect the teams overall performance. Secondly, the content identifies the importance of the individual's specific tasks within the group. If group members see their role as that involved in completing a worthy task, then they are more likely to fulfill it. This will promote the individual to accomplish all their duties in an effective and efficient manner that will not pose a risk on the team as a whole (Group and Social Loafing, 2008).Thus, discouraging social loafing. Lastly, providing team individuals to choose a task will provide the team with further accomplishements. The individual is most likely choose a task that they enjoy doing, or are experienced with, which will lead InterClean’s sales team into a succefull team. Individual equity and how it impacts team performance

At InterClean, there will be one or more teams assigned to undertake certain projects. One such team is the sales and marketing team that is made-up of several individuals. In each team there will be a team leader. That team leader may or may not be a manager. Each individual team will consist of several individuals that have their own particular strengths and weaknesses. Each employee will have a certain number of years of experience. Additionally, each employee has his or her own educational background. All team members came from InterClean or Envirotech and were transferred to the new position and team. Many factors such as the before mentioned, must be taken into consideration. An important aspect is disclosure (Cascio, 2006). InterClean should make it a policy to disclose to all employees how the organization arrived to it’s decision when determining the salary of a particular position. Generally speaking, pay systems are designed to attract, retain, and motivate employees; achieve internal, external, and individual equity; and maintain a balance in relationships between direct and indirect forms of compensation and between the pay rates of supervisory and non-supervisory employees. Pay systems need to be tied to the strategic mission of an organization, and they should take their direction from that strategic mission. However, actual wage levels depend on labor market conditions, legislation, collective bargaining, management attitudes, and an organization’s ability to pay. A broad...
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