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Effective team and performance management
Effective team and performance management

Date: 09/05/2012
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I. Introduction
In the past weeks I was given the opportunity to participate in the formation and performance of a cross-functional team. We were group of four people, three guys and one girl. We had multiple tasks to fulfil, which helped us to acquire the knowledge we will need in our professional future. As well as interesting was very challenging, mainly because one of the conditions of forming our team was to be with people we never worked before. During this time we as a team managed to accomplish many tasks and find appropriate solution for them using the theory and our personal perceptions. However, we had to overcome few problems, which were the reason to fail to accomplish some of the task we were given. II. Description

As mentioned above one condition for forming our team was to be with people that we never worked before, which made me very anxious, because I was not sure what to expect and most of all how to react towards my team colleagues. After observing the situation, I realised that we were all anxious and distant, regarding sharing an opinion or making a statement of any kind. I was aware that forming a team with people that you never worked before could be challenging and might lead to conflict of diversity. According to Goleman (2002) forming a team with people from different cultures and countries could be challenging because of the diversity that this team will have and the balance could be challenging to acquire. Using Belbin’s self-perception inventory, I was able to determine what my strengths are. I appeared to be Evaluator and Team worker. At first I was sceptical whether those were really my strengths until I had the chance to show them in the exercise about Encouraging Thought, Cooperation and Team Work. As this was our first exercise as a team, everyone was very distant and reluctant to make any kind of suggestions or statements. According to Likert (1967) the easiest way to help a person to feel more comfortable in similar situation is by providing them with support. I tried to take few minutes and look at the situation from a different perspective and try to help everyone to share their opinions, which was hard at first, because some of the people in the team had trouble understanding what was required from us about and it took some time until we sort that out. After we cleared up the task, I tried to be as patient as I could possibly be and give them the appropriate time to present their ideas and get the attention from all of the members, Kilman (1974) cited in Daft and Macic (2010). That seem to have huge impact on all of my colleagues, they understood what I was trying to do and everyone were making an effort with me to make the exercise successful and try to be as involved as possible, which motivate me and helped all of us to calm down. Despite the balance we managed to achieve, there was absence of commitment from one of the members. In one of the next tasks called Animal Survival Task the team experienced the phenomena explained by Lencioni (2002) lack of commitment from one or more members of a team, may lead to the frustration and conflicts in the team. In our exercise about the Animal Surviving one of the members in our team seem to be occupied with various other things, but with the task itself. He never felt the need to express his opinion even when he was asked; he was saying that he is fine with whatever we think. It felt like we could not trust him, because he was never really participating in the team. He would leave whenever he felt like it, without even saying anything. This caused the team to dysfunction and has less effectiveness, which...
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