Team Leadership

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  • Published : May 18, 2013
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Team Leadership
When a company decides to make a strategic move to enter a new market segment there are many changes that will need to take place in order for the company to succeed. Given that the company has never been in this market segment before they will need to establish new departments and task individuals to manage specific teams per department. Work teams are an excellent way to make sure that goals and objectives are met efficiently. Work teams are easy to assemble and allow for leadership to be shared amongst all the individuals in the team (Robbins & Coulter, Chapter 13, Managing Teams, 2012). When a team is created each member of the team should be evaluated as individuals based on his/her personality and leadership approaches best suited per each member should be determined.

Company A would like to enter a new market segment and has tasked Christina a manager at company A with managing a team in the new department they have put together. Christina was put in charge of Team A which, consists of her and four employees. Christina must then evaluate each individual including herself based on a personality assessment she will assign to each team member to help her better understand which leadership approach is best per each individual on her team. Team A contains four very different individuals with very different skill sets and personalities. Once Christina has established a leadership approach for herself and her team members, she can ensure that they can efficiently accomplish the goals set forth by the company. Individual Evaluations

Christina has requested that her team members, Ana, William, Erica and Marilyn complete a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality-assessment. This 100-question assessment asks people how they usually act or feel in different situations. (Robbins & Coulter, Chapter 14, MBTI®, 2012). The MBTI® is a commonly used personality assessment and more frequently used for team development (Kuipers, Higgs,...
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